Revealing Stuff, One Update at a Time #1

Originally posted at KickStarter

I thought as the album comes closer and closer to release (even though we don’t know exactly when that will be, we do know that it’ll be sometime in the future, so as time passes we can reasonably assume that the release will be coming sooner then the previous day) I’d release small bits of information about the CD through these updates.

This way you’ll be periodically notified about something on the disc so we can hopefully satisfy your interest while you continue to not have a CD in your possession. So, here is the first bit of information regarding what songs artists are planning to record. Keep in mind that any information released on these updates is likely to change upon the final release, either slightly or drastically.

1. Marc with a C will be performing a cover of “Good Enough for Now”. This particular track was previously released on Marc’s cover song collection “Share the Covers, B****! (Part Two)”. As a preview of songs to come from the album you can listen to the song for free directly from this update!

2. mc chris will be performing a cover of “I Lost on Jeopardy”. That’s right a cover of a parody! I think you all will really enjoy what Chris came up with, at least I did. It was quite interesting hearing Chris sing this, since as I’m sure most of you know he’s known for his rapping talents.

Alright, how’s that? Are you at least partially more excited for the release? Cool! Talk with ya next update!



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