Revealing Stuff, One Update at a Time #2

Originally posted at KickStarter

Here goes another revealing of things update for you backers and interested people who stumbled upon our project. Unlike on the last update I will not spend two excruciatingly long paragraphs describing something that really doesn’t need to be described in all that much detail, here’s some information for you to be informed on:

3. Worm Quartet will be performing a cover of “Dare to be Stupid”. Now if you’ve ever heard of this ‘band’ then you’ll know that there has probably never been a greater paring of new artist and song they’re covering in the history of cover songs. So this shall be quite the pajamas of the feline.

4. Dino-Mike will be performing a cover of “You Make Me”. He tells me that it’s going to be earth shatteringly different from the original, so we have that to look forward to. Though if it turns out that it’s not all that earth shatteringly different then I suppose we can always ridicule him until the end of time.

Okay, that’s all I will divulge for now, was that good enough? Did that satiate your inhuman lust for information on the Weird Al tribute CD?



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