Revealing Stuff, One Update at a Time #3

Originally posted at KickStarter

Alright, so here I am for the last update I’ll post before our time runs out for funding on KickStarter. I’d like to once again thank everybody for their overwhelming support, oh and also the money, I can’t forget to thank you for that. Thanks for multi-handedly funding our album! Do remember though that even after this page has finished taking donations, we will still be accepting funds for the rest of the year via PayPal. If you or your friends are so inclined, you can send some sweet green to when signed into your account. Anyway, here’s some stuff:

5. Raymond and Scum will be performing a cover of “One More Minute”. On this cover R&S take a nice Elvis doo-wop style parody and transform it into a grungy rock track, it’s quite cool. If you want to hear it, there’s a video of a different mix of the song on the band’s YouTube page. The official mix will of course be on the album, so look forward to that.

6. Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire will be performing a cover of “Melanie”. I’m a huge fan of these guys, if you haven’t heard of them I insist you check them out online by way of Google search. I greatly look forward to seeing how they add their nifty chip-tune style to this stalker ballad.

There ya go, folks. There’s your final update on the album for the foreseeable future. I may add a new one eventually, so if these updates were the only thing keeping you from jumping to a watery death, don’t lose all hope just yet! Ah hell, here’s a song! This one is from Lager Rhythms, it will be included as a bonus track for the album.




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