Originally posted at KickStarter

We are now well over our original goal for this project, and that’s not even counting the donations I’ve gotten through PayPal! We’ll still be excepting moneys through our Kickstarter page for 44 more days. So, if you know of somebody who hasn’t donated or yelled in the face of a friend about this CD until they were hoarse, please persuade them to do so.

If you know of anybody who is a good artist, and wouldn’t mind working on some album artwork for this project, please send me a message on Kickstarter or email to oddaustin@gmail.com. We are looking for someone who can draw similarly to the photo used on our Kickstarter page, compensation is certainly possible, email for further discussion.

As far as news goes, we have a few more new artists to announce who will be taking part in this project either by way of official tracks or bonus content. These artists include: Worm Quartet, Power Salad, Adam Rivera, Carla Ulbrich, and lastly but not leastly, MC freakin’ Lars (his actual stage name is not in fact ‘MC freakin’ Lars’, it is ‘MC Lars’ I used the term “freakin'” to emphasize excitement)!

Yep, just an undetermined, indefinite amount of time until this thing is released, so ya know… get excited or something!



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