Now Taking Pre-orders!

Hey fans of Al,

You can now pre-order the long awaited, long overdue tribute album known as Twenty-Six and a Half! What a glorious day in the existence of the world! Just click the ‘Store’ tab above to indulge your money dollars in the promise of a shiny future CD!

This album contains over an hour of amazing Weird Al tribute songs as performed by people like MC Frontalot, Shael Riley, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, mc chris, Steve Goodie, Al’s Band, MC Lars and many, many others. Would your ears ever forgive you if you were to deprive yourself of such a rocktastic audio experience? I think not! So get your copy today!

To further entice you into buying this comedy tribute masterpiece, all pre-orders will come with a slew of digital bonus content!

Don’t delay, buy on this particular lunar cycle!

And now, prepare your unsuspecting eyes for the…. album cover!


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One response to “Now Taking Pre-orders!

  1. Kate

    Got the album today. Very AWESOME! This will be on repeat in my house until I get Al’s CD. 😉
    You all did a wonderful job. This is going to be one of my favorite CD’s of all time.
    BTW……How do we access the digital bonus content?

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