Let’s All Be Weird Al!

Some of you may be aware of the parody-writing guy, Spaff. If not, he can basically be described as someone who writes parodies that come very close to the quality that Al has. He was slated to be included on the tribute album, but couldn’t get his song done in time for our release.

Luckily, Spaff has finally finished this track! It’s called “If I Could Be Weird Al”. It’s available for free download right this second at The Funny Music Project. It includes cameos by a ton of the artists on Twenty-Six and a Half (Insane Ian, Steve Goodie, Worm Quartet, Devo Spice, to name a few), as well as appearances by Dr. Demento and Weird Al himself! Why are you still reading this when you could be listening to it? Go! Hear it! Now! Blarg!


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