“Weird Al” Yankovic, what first comes to mind when you see those three words? I’m guessing you would say ‘parody’ or ‘spoof’. The satirical work of the man known as Weird Al has been ingrained in the minds of our cultures for the past thirty years. With three Grammy awards won and over twelve million albums sold to date, it’s hard to argue that Al is the overlord of popular music parody, and comedy songs in general.

Regardless of genre, Al has influenced a whole new generation of musical performers working today. It is with this notion that we have decided to bring together some of Al’s most talented disciples to create a tribute to his vast catalog and wealth of parody and original songs.

He makes the best darn waffles this world has ever seen.

Produced by Austin Aeschliman and Jace McLain. Artwork by Aron J. Shay. Layout/Album design by Mike Cisneros. Mastered by Steve Goodie.

Copyright 2011, Tristrok Productions. All rights reserved.


2 responses to “About

  1. Areio

    I have a quick question about the Bandcamp download of Twenty-Six and a Half: I’m a bit of an audiophile nerd, and I’d like to buy the FLAC version. Are the sources for the songs lossless? Mind you, I’ll buy the album either way… but do all of the artists send you lossless copies of their work?



    • The files that the artists sent to me were all high quality WAVs, so I would imagine that if you were to buy a FLAC download of the album on BandCamp, it would be pretty lossless.

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