Twenty-Six and a Half: A Tribute to  “Weird Al” Yankovic

  • 1. Everything You Know is Wrong       by Steve Goodie
  • 2. CNR by Kobi LaCroix
  • 3. This is the Life by Double Down
  • 4. I Can’t Watch This by MC Lars
  • 5. The Check’s in the Mail                        by TV’s Kyle
  • 6. Your Horoscope for Today                by Lager Rhythms
  • 7. That Boy Could Dance                         by Insane Ian
  • 8. One More Minute by Raymond and Scum
  • 9. Don’t Wear Those Shoes by MC Frontalot
  • 10. You Make Me by Dino-Mike
  • 11. I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead by Worm Quartet
  • 12. Close But No Cigar by Smashy Claw
  • 13. I Lost on Jeopardy by mc chris
  • 14. Dumbledore by Steve Goodie
  • 15. Pac-Man by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  • 16. Weird Al Didn’t Write This Song by Devo Spice
  • 17. My Baby’s In Love with Jon Bermuda by the great Luke Ski
  • 18. Good Enough for Now by Marc with a C
  • 19. Melanie by Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire
  • 20. Al’s Band by Al’s Band

One response to “Album

  1. i wonder if there ill be any bonus tracks..

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